Saturday, May 20, 2017


A Pictograph to show our favourite toys

Room 2 have been learning how to make Pictographs. Then they have been learning how to read them and ask questions.
Remember a good question is one where you can find the answer in the pictograph.

Here's some questions we asked:

How many toys were there altogether?
How many soft toys were there?
How many dolls were there?

Can think of any questions to ask? We would love to hear them!

Te Reo with Whaea Chloe and Whaea Kim

Room 2 have been learning Te Reo with Whaea Kim and Whaea Chloe. This week we learnt how you can put lots of sounds together to make new words, we learnt a new song and we learnt lots of new words for counting to 4, house, spirit and mind.

How many new words in Maori have you learnt this week?